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Fraunhofer CSE Has Been Selected for a Building America Project!

A Fraunhofer CSE project, entitled “Physics-based Interval Data Models to Automate and Scale Home Energy Performance Evaluations“, has been selected for an award from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America Program. Building…

Building 592 is fitted with vacuum insulated panels (VIPs) in the summer of 2012.

CSE Test Site Sees New Life as Cafe and Bakery

Field deployments are an essential part of the work we do here at Fraunhofer CSE, allowing our researchers to evaluate innovative client technologies under real-world conditions. The scope of these deployments varies depending…

CSE’s Building America projects include laboratory work as well as field testing carried out in several US states.

Fraunhofer CSE’s Building America Research Now Available

For the past fifteen years, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America program has drawn on researchers, industry, and the US national lab system to develop and demonstrate market-ready solutions for builders and homeowners that improve durability,…

Fraunhofer CSE’s Dr. Peter Engelmann checks a data logger at a high-performance home.

Designing the High-Performance Home: Fraunhofer CSE Assesses Technology for Builders and Owners

“High-Performance.” For many Americans, it’s a term that summons up visions of gleaming sports cars or lightning-fast supercomputers. But in the last few years, a new and very different kind of “high-performance” item has emerged: a home…

Dr. Sachs looks over study data with two of CSE's Human Factors Fellows.

Simple and Intuitive Design, Human Behavior Drive Energy-Saving Technology Adoption

Fraunhofer CSE research shows that—in addition to the clever design of home energy management (HEM) technologies—human behavior is a key contributing factor to these products’ energy saving potential. Consequently, if designed in a…

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