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User programming a thermostat

With Programmable Thermostats, User-Friendliness Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Energy Savings

This week, Fraunhofer CSE presented preliminary results of a field study at the Garrison Institute’s “Climate, Buildings and Behavior Symposium”. In this project, partially funded by the US Department of Energy’s Building America…

How Presentation Medium and Design Influences Home Energy Management

How Presentation Medium and Design Influences Energy-Saving Technology Adoption

Over the last few years many display technologies have come onto the home energy management (HEM) market that aim to provide feedback on residential energy consumption.  You may have heard of some of…

Electric meters at the site of the efficiency / conservation study

Moral Licensing: Side Effects of an Efficiency Campaign

A recent field study I conducted with colleagues at Fraunhofer CSE showed interesting potential side effects of an efficiency / environmental program. Last summer, we carried out a water conservation campaign at a…


Reflections on the 2011 Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference

Recently, several members of the Fraunhofer CSE Building Energy Efficiency Group were fortunate to attend the 2011 Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference in Washington, DC, convened by the American Council for an…

4 Stages of Readiness for Energy Savings

The 4 Stages of Consumers’ Readiness for Energy Savings

(and how knowing them can help your efficiency campaigns) When trying to encourage consumers to adopt more energy-efficient practices, it can be challenging to develop an initiative that reaches the target audience and…

Building shown in augmented reality

Augment Your Reality

If you haven’t seen this yet: get ready to see it everywhere. Augmented reality is on its way to being the new ubiquity. Presaged by the pixilated QR codes that convey web addresses,…

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