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Augmented reality | Cleantech Notes – Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems
"Augmented reality" tag
Spectacular views from the Building Technology Showcase construction site.

CSE Opens its Doors to Global Cleantech Meet-up Attendees

After two days of intense networking, attendees of last week’s Global Cleantech Meet-Up took a well-deserved break with a whistle-stop tour of the Boston clean energy community. Among the featured attractions: Fraunhofer CSE,…

Augmented Reality Hotspot in the Building Technology Showcase

Education-Focused Augmented Reality Applications Drive Learning by Making the Invisible Visible

Futuristic as it may sound, Fraunhofer CSE and the Massachusetts Association of Vocational Administrators (MAVA) are teaming up to teach YOU how to build your own augmented reality application. On June 27th and 28th, MAVA…

graphic of Fraunhofer 5 Channel Center Building / Building Technology Showcase

Partnerships for Sustainable Energy R&D, Commercialization, and Adoption: Fraunhofer CSE’s “Living Laboratory”

This week marks an important milestone in the development of Fraunhofer CSE’s future “living laboratory” and headquarters in Boston’s Innovation District. As the Boston Globe reported, we have announced the names of nearly…

Building shown in augmented reality

Augment Your Reality

If you haven’t seen this yet: get ready to see it everywhere. Augmented reality is on its way to being the new ubiquity. Presaged by the pixilated QR codes that convey web addresses,…

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